If you have looked at my sample longarm design page but still aren't finding exactly the right design for your quilt, please feel free to peruse some of the designers I frequently purchase designs from. 

Note that these are not all I use, so if you still aren't finding anything, let me know and we will see what we can collaborate on. I can even create (digitize) a design that is uniquely yours.

IMPORTANT: These are not my pages, these are not my links and I may not know if a link is no longer valid. Clicking on a link takes you off of Thread Bear's website.


If you find a design at one of these (or another) vendors you like, send me the link (do not purchase on your own). If I purchase the design for your quilt, most of the time I will split the cost with you (e.g., if a pattern costs $15, your charge witll be $7.50).

If you have more questions, please email or call!