Edge-to-Edge"All over" single design (no border) ; standard density $0.02 per square inch

"All over" single design (no border) ; dense quilting $0.022 per square inch plus thread charge

"All over" single design (with one or more border) add $10 per border to above per inch charges
Custom Anything that is not an edge-to-edge. This could be quilting a couple of different designs in various blocks, stitch-in-the-ditch, echoing, background quilting around appliques, all the way up to hand guided (free motion). $30 per hour ; minimum $.03 per square inch
Thread One standard polyester thread is included in above pricing. Dense quilting, additional threads, specialty threads (e.g., variegated) will incur an additional charge.$0 for standard quilting; $7 and up for dense quilting or speciality threads

NOTE: Starting January 2021 there will be a charge for thread starting at $.05 per 1000 stitches for standard thread (e.g., OMNI). Speciality threads will also be charged by the stitch starting at $.06/1000 and up depending on cost (variegated typically runs between $.17 and $.28 per 1000 stitches).

Batting You may provide your own batting, but I offer white 80/20 Cotton/Polyester batting blends in either 96" or 120" widths. Black batting available in 120" width only (King). Starts at $6.50 per yard for standard width; $8.28 per yard or $30 per package for white king; $35 per package for black king.
Other Services:    
Trim Due to lack of space, I generally do not trim my customer quilts. However, I understand that sometimes my customers may not have this ability either. Therefore, I do offer this as an add-on service with the understanding that I do not guarantee squareness. Excess fabric is returned to the customer. $20 per hour (generally adds between $5-10 to your cost).

I offer two levels of machine binding.

One is where I just sew on the binding to one side of the quilt (typically to the top, but your preference) so that you can hand-sew the rest of it.

The other is where I machine sew the entire binding on. I also charge for any prep required like cutting and ironing the binding pieces, so you can save costs by providing me with 2.25" or 2.5" binding strips.

Note that I do not do hand sewn bindings and if you require this, I can try to find you a quilter who does.

1) (Optional) Customer provides 1/2 yard or more of fabric and I create the binding strips. Be sure to provide extra fabric and indicate if you require the binding to be cut on the bias. If you prefer, binding can be cut from the excess backing fabric, however it will not be bias-cut.
Cost: $20 per hour, $5 minimum.

2) One half only of the binding sewn onto the quilt (default is sewn to the top, but indicate if you prefer it sewn to the back).
Cost: $.07 per linear inch in addition to any prep charges.

[To calculate cost, measure around the outside of the top, all four sides]

3) Complete machine sewing of binding to quilt.
Cost: $.20 per linear inch in addition to any prep charges.

Miscellaneous charges: Any prep that needs to be done to attach your quilt to the machine leaders or to quilt your quilt (including, but not limited to, ironing of seams, trimming the top or backing to be square, adding muslin leaders if back too small, etc.).  Hourly charge of $20 per hour.

I also offer other services - contact me if you have questions.