I know you've spent a lot of time, effort and love piecing your quilt...

Let me further enhance your quilted masterpiece using my:

  • Gammill long arm machine
  • Computerized Statler Stitcher
  • Custom or standard quilting designs
  • Expertise in choosing designs that perfectly suit your quilt

promise you that your quilt will get the same attention and care that I would give one of my own. Give me a call or email me and we can discuss details for your project.


No need to panic, but a reminder that if you are working on edge-to-edge projects that need to be finished by Christmas, I need to have them in hand no later than November 15th. E2E Quilts received by that date are guaranteed to be back to you by December 15th. Be sure to let me know if you have a tighter deadline than that but if so, you are better off getting them to me even sooner.

Custom quilts are negotiable at this point, but my preference would be to already have those in hand if you need them for Christmas.

I appreciate those of you who continue to be flexible and allow me longer lead times in order to work in quilts needed by a certain date.


QUILT DROP-OFFS:           

I am continuing to work on quilts and make arrangements for drop-offs/pick-ups by appointment only. These arrangements are as follows:

1) You can ship me your quilt by mail or other method (contact me for address)

2) You can make an appointment to do a safe drop off on my porch in the Adrian/Tecumseh area

3) You can make an appointment to meet me in the parking lot during a weekday at one of the Ann Arbor or Tecumseh fabric stores.

Masking: I am vaccinated and if you are as well, we can meet up outdoors mask-free. Given that, I will always have a mask on me, so feel free to request that I wear mine and I will happily comply.

NEW Customers: I will accept new customer quilts adhering to the above guidelines, however note that I am unable to do in person consultations. If you are comfortable choosing your design from my website or consulting with me via email, I look forward to adding you as a valued customer.

Please feel free to email me at info@threadbearquilting.com if you have any questions.

Thank you for your understanding