Edge-to-Edge"All over" single design (no border) ; standard density$0.015 per square inch

"All over" single design (no border) ; dense quilting$0.017 to .02 per square inch plus thread charge

"All over" single design (with one or more border)$0.015 per square inch plus $10 per border
Simple Custom2-3 designs -- may vary by block but with little design manipulation or calculation$0.02 per square inch
Deluxe CustomDense or many repeated designs, stitch-in-the-ditch, echo stitching, complex or design manipulation per block, etc.Starts at $0.03 per square inch up to $0.05 depending on complexity ; includes one simple border (single design), additional borders $10 each
Heirloom or CustomPlusHand guided (free motion), extensive echo stitching, background quilting around appliques, etc.$0.05 per square inch and up
ThreadOne standard polyester/cotton thread is included in above pricing. Dense quilting, additional threads, specialty threads (e.g. variegated) will incur an additional charge$0 for standard quilting; $7 and up for dense quilting or speciality threads
BattingYou may provide your own batting, but I offer 80/20 Cotton/Polyester batting blends in either 96" or 120" widths.Competitive - starts at $6.50 per yard

Miscellaneous charges: Any prep that needs to be done to attach your quilt to the machine leaders or to quilt your quilt (including, but not limited to, ironing of seams, trimming the top or backing to be square, adding muslin leaders if back too small, etc.).  Hourly charge of $35 per hour.

Discounts:  First time customers or if you refer a customer to me receive a 10% discount.  Discount must be used within one calendar year.